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David W Young May 2007

Professor Young currently is engaged in research projects on:
The cost of graduate medical education
Management control in municipalities



His prior sponsored research has included:

  • Value-Based Purchasing in Health Care (Co-Principal Investigator), Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals, 1999-2001. $400,000.
  • Curriculum Design for a Physician Management Education Program, (Principal Investigator), Alliance for Internal Medicine, 1999-2000. $23,000.
  • Development of Interactive Multimedia Instruction for Physician Management Education (Co-Principal Investigator), Hoechst, Marion, Roussel, Inc., 1995-96. $500,000.
  • Analysis of Managerial Issues in Integrated Delivery Systems in Health Care (Co-Principal Investigator), Marion Merrell Dow, Inc., 1994-95. $175,000.
  • Analysis of the Validity of Ratios of Costs to Charges in Determining Hospital Costs (Co-Principal Investigator), The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1992-1993. $50,000
  • Evaluation of the Program for Faculty Fellowships in Health Care Finance (Co-Principal Investigator), The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1988-1991. $250,000
  • Development of an Accounting MBA Program (Principal Investigator), Consortium of Big-8 Public Accounting Firms, 1989. $40,000
  • Cost Comparisons Between Teaching and Non-Teaching Hospitals, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1985-86.
  • Curriculum Development in Health Policy and Management, Pew Memorial Trust, 1983-85.
  • Physician-Administrator Interactions in the Allocation of Hospital Resources, W.L.Kellogg Foundation, Kaiser Family Foundation, 1980-85